I love doors and windows, they're quite fascinating for me. The card is from Germany.
Two nature cards in one day. First one is from USA, it shows sunrise at Pensacola Beach, Florida:

The second card is from Japan, shows Fuji mountain in the clouds:

Such a joyful card, it definitely made my day. Thanks to Marjut from Finland!

Cute lama in the car. The card was printed in France but I received it from Germany. Thank you Maggy!


Amazing card from Kathi from Germany!

White cat

Gertrude Abercrombie's (1909-1977) painting "White cat" (1935-1938). She was an American painter based in Chicago.
Thanks to Jack from the Netherlands for the card!
This card comes from Iowa, USA. It's a painting by Sir Henry Raeburn that's called "The Reverend Robert Walker (1755-1808) skating on Duddingston Loch" (1784?) or "The Skating Minister". It's one of Scotland's most known paintings.
Robert Walker was Church of Scotland Minister.


Another Olympic postcard, from Finland. These are argentinian weightlifters at a Coca Cola stand in the Olympic Games in Helsinki 1952.

Thanks to Kirsi for the card

First cards

I have two new countries on my list - Paraguay and Turkey! I think cards from Paraguay are really rare so I'm lucky to receive one. Here it is:

Thanks to David for the card!

Card from Turkey is from Ilayda, it's a picture of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul:


Idaho map

Thanks to Ellen for the swap!


La Maison Losseau (Art Nouveau 1900-1910).

Awesome card! I've always loved to look at the old houses' decor. Thanks to Jean-Marie from Belgium! It's also my first card from Belgium

This card is from Maureen from Illinois, USA. She said that this card reminds her of her dog that peeks exactly like this when they come home. Cute dog :))

Such a lovely painting! It's embankment of the Svisloch river in Minsk, Belarus.

This card traveled to Israel 106 days, wow! Thanks to Lyuda for this great postcard.

What a unique card! And it's so true, sometimes we really push the "enter" button like asking for help :)

Thanks to Stefanie from Germany!

Russian winter

Thanks to Alexandra from Russia for this winter landscape. With this heat I really wish for winter now!


Well, it's first time I got a postcard in an envelope. But when I opened the envelope I saw there not 1 but 3 awesome cards!

They came from Pavel from Czech Republic but cards are actually showing views of Ethiopia where the guy lived. So now I have also cards from Ethiopia which is cool!

Ville (town) d'Arthur Rimbaud

Stelae at Tiya

Mogle Mountain, Menagesha Suba State Forest
Night view of City Hall and Perlach Tower of Augsburg, Germany.
Thanks to Nadine for the swap!
Swansea is a town situated in South Wales, UK. Very beautiful card!
Thanks to Anu for the swap!

Glass bookends from New Orleans. They are pretty cute and available in 6 colors which you can see on the card.

Tnanks to Suz from LA!
Minsk's main post office, was open in 1955.

Thanks to Olya from Belarus for the card!
Another Olympic card, this time from 1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympics. Marja-Liisa Hamalainen, finnish skiing champion (gold in 10km, gold in 5km, gold in 20km, bronze in 4x5km). Thanks to Eeva from Finland!
Woo hoo, I have bunch of new poscards! 6 in one go! This one is from Kayo, it's my first card from Japan. The girl on the card wears Yukata - summer kimono.


New York State map from Alysa. I learned something new from this card - the state's capital is Albany and not New York City as I've always thought!
Great drawing of the Statue of Peter the Great (The Bronze Horseman) in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The painter is Irina Esinevich. Thanks to Izolda for this beautiful card!
Window of an old framhouse, card from Virpi from Finland. It's a self-made card, she took the picture by herself. I love it :)


Thomas Kinkade

One of my favorite cards ever. This is Thomas Kinkade's picture called Evening at Swanbrooke Cottage. I love his pictures so much so I was very excited to get this card! Thanks to D2ball (sorry, don't know the real name) from USA.


My first card from Thailand. Thanks to Pat from Phang-nga.

Bald eagle

Beautiful image of the Bald Eagle from Sara from Canada. Thank you :)

Massachusetts map

This time is a Massachusetts (also called the Bay State) map. Thanks to Fred from USA.


Great chinese landscape card from Yashan! I especially love this golden glow of the water and the small boats and the setting (or rising?) sun...


Art card

Picasso's picture Guernica. It's exciting to get art cards :) Thanks to Bernhard from Austria!

More cards from USA

Both cards are from Mary Ellen from USA. First one is Apostcard of Olympic team, very nice! The second is the map of 66 route that goes through the states of California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri and Illinois.

Oklahoma map

One more state map from USA to my collection - Oklahoma map. Thanks to Kristen!

Chocolate balls

Such a pretty glass jars with chocolate balls (well, that's what I think it is) in one of them. Btw, chocolate balls are one of my favorite desserts. Thanks to Wilma from the Netherlands!


Sardinia, Italy

From Enrico, beautiful views of Sardinia, Italy.

Roger :)))

As you may know I'm a huge Roger Federer fan. So I was kind of dreaming about postcard with Roger but I didn't even knew if such postcards exsist. Imagine my happiness when I opened my mail box today and saw this: Thanks so much to Eduard from Switzerland!


Iguazu falls

These are Iguazu Falls in northeast Argentina, on the border with Brazil. I don't always love multiviews but this one is great, so bright and inviting to visit. Well, maybe some day I'll be able to go to Argentina... Thanks to Laura for the postcard!



Last week I've got 2 postcards with windmills in one day. First one is from the Netherlands and the second card is from Germany.


And one more american card came this week from Aarika (a fellow lab technician :)). It's a night view of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Love the reflection of the buildings in the water.

One more map card :)

Yay, another map card to my collection!This time it's a map of South Carolina. And it also has an Olympic stamp - snowboarder from 2010 Vancouver Winter Games. Thanks Toni for the swap!


This gorgeous sunset photo comes from Svetlogorsk - a town on the coast of the Baltic Sea in Russia's Kaliningrad Oblast. Thanks to Lika for the postcard. The stamps there are great too, all of them are related to sports - 3 from 2000 Sidney Olympic Games and one from 2010 Vancouver Games. So cool!


Beautiful views of California from Shuang! Clockwise from upper left: Yosemite National Park, San Francisko's Bay Bridge, San Joaquin Valley Agriculture, Southern California Beach.


Les moulins à café

My first Nouvelles Images postcard! Coffee grinders from different countries from the years 1840-1970. Thanks to Martine from the Netherlands!


Westerhever lighthouse

Today I received a fantastic card from Germany! It's Westerhever lighthouse, situated on the Eiderstedt peninsula on the North Sea coast. From each side of the lighthouse you can see former keepers' houses. And what an amazing sky colors! Thanks to Wilhelm for sending this card :)