Thomas Kinkade

One of my favorite cards ever. This is Thomas Kinkade's picture called Evening at Swanbrooke Cottage. I love his pictures so much so I was very excited to get this card! Thanks to D2ball (sorry, don't know the real name) from USA.


My first card from Thailand. Thanks to Pat from Phang-nga.

Bald eagle

Beautiful image of the Bald Eagle from Sara from Canada. Thank you :)

Massachusetts map

This time is a Massachusetts (also called the Bay State) map. Thanks to Fred from USA.


Great chinese landscape card from Yashan! I especially love this golden glow of the water and the small boats and the setting (or rising?) sun...


Art card

Picasso's picture Guernica. It's exciting to get art cards :) Thanks to Bernhard from Austria!

More cards from USA

Both cards are from Mary Ellen from USA. First one is Apostcard of Olympic team, very nice! The second is the map of 66 route that goes through the states of California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri and Illinois.

Oklahoma map

One more state map from USA to my collection - Oklahoma map. Thanks to Kristen!

Chocolate balls

Such a pretty glass jars with chocolate balls (well, that's what I think it is) in one of them. Btw, chocolate balls are one of my favorite desserts. Thanks to Wilma from the Netherlands!