I love doors and windows, they're quite fascinating for me. The card is from Germany.
Two nature cards in one day. First one is from USA, it shows sunrise at Pensacola Beach, Florida:

The second card is from Japan, shows Fuji mountain in the clouds:

Such a joyful card, it definitely made my day. Thanks to Marjut from Finland!

Cute lama in the car. The card was printed in France but I received it from Germany. Thank you Maggy!


Amazing card from Kathi from Germany!

White cat

Gertrude Abercrombie's (1909-1977) painting "White cat" (1935-1938). She was an American painter based in Chicago.
Thanks to Jack from the Netherlands for the card!
This card comes from Iowa, USA. It's a painting by Sir Henry Raeburn that's called "The Reverend Robert Walker (1755-1808) skating on Duddingston Loch" (1784?) or "The Skating Minister". It's one of Scotland's most known paintings.
Robert Walker was Church of Scotland Minister.