Beautiful views of California from Shuang! Clockwise from upper left: Yosemite National Park, San Francisko's Bay Bridge, San Joaquin Valley Agriculture, Southern California Beach.


Les moulins à café

My first Nouvelles Images postcard! Coffee grinders from different countries from the years 1840-1970. Thanks to Martine from the Netherlands!


Westerhever lighthouse

Today I received a fantastic card from Germany! It's Westerhever lighthouse, situated on the Eiderstedt peninsula on the North Sea coast. From each side of the lighthouse you can see former keepers' houses. And what an amazing sky colors! Thanks to Wilhelm for sending this card :)



I have two postcards from Shanghai - the first one is from Alice, it's the Peace Hotel. Second one is from Sue, with beautiful evening colors. Thanks girls for the wonderful cards!
This card is from Sibylle from Wien, Austria. I wonder where all these clock towers from - Wien maybe? or different cities and towns in Austria? There is something written in german on the card - probably an explanation, but I don't understand german :) Anyway, I like this multiview card and it's blue colors.


Thanks to Isabella from Germany for this amazing card! I'd love to go to Venice for the carnival one day, should be very interesting experience.

Games of the mist

This postcard is from Kai-Yun from Taiwan. Great view of mountains' tops in the clouds of mist.



Holland is one of the countries I want to visit in the near future. And I love dutch postcards. From what I've seen they are really great. This card is from Marloes. You can see here a typical dutch things - bycicles, tulips, traditional cookies. And this one is from Marion. Fascinating card, I love the color of settinng sun and almost black shadowy windmill and the man on a bycicle. The composition is called "Going home" by the photographer Henk P. Drost


As you may know books and reading are my passion. There is no day I go to bed without reading at least few pages from my current book. So I was very happy to receive this postcard :) Thanks to Gabriela from Germany!


Theatre tickets

Big big thanks to Andrya from Great Britain for this special postcard! You can see here two pages of a scrapbook with different european theatre tickets from 19th century. Amazing, isn't it? Personally I often keep tickets from different shows, movies, concerts. I think it would be interesting to look at them 20-30-50 years later and see what have changed.

Tun Sakaran Park, Malaysia

Looks like a paradise, isn't it? If I could I'd jump on the plane and go there for vacation right now. Thanks to Carol for the great postcard!



Switzerland is a very special country to me. Two of my favorite sportsmen - figure skater Stephane Lambiel (2 time world champion and 2006 Olympic silver medalist) and an amazing tennis player Roger Federer are from there. I started to learn french because of them - I wanted to understand numerous articles and interviews about Stephane and Roger in the Swiss press :) So you see, I have kind of emotional connection to this country and always happy to receive postcards from there. Thanks to Pamela for the postcard!

Lake Baikal

Such a beautiful view of the Lake Baikal, Russia! It's the biggest freshwater lake in the world, situated in Siberia. Thanks to Dima for this postcard.

Montreal, Canada

I'm in love with Montreal postcards. They are so beautiful! The first one is my absolute favorite - I love and miss autumn cause in Israel we don't have such a fall and seeing all these red and golden trees I feel a bit nostalgic. Thanks to Olivia for all the amazing postcards!


Otranto, Italy

This sunny postcard is from Giuseppe. I love very much the yellow-blue coloring here! It's "Porta Alfonsina", the main gate of the Old city of Otranto, Italy. The gate and the walls were built at the end of 15th century.

Alabama map

Yay, my first map card from USA! I'm really fascinated by the maps of US states, don't even know why. So one day I hope to collect maps from all the states. Thanks Susan for starting my collection :)