One more american map card to my collection - Utah this time. Thank you Nicol for the swap!

This wonderful card came from France in a direct swap. I'm not a big fan of cats usually but this drawn card is just charming so I chose it. Thanks Laetitia!


Another map of New Zealand. Thank you Adrienne for the card!

This card came from Krasnoyarsk, Russia. It shows national reserve "Stolby" which is translates as pillars from russian. Thank you Sofia!


According to postcrossing site this card took 46 days to reach me but actually it was sent on October 26th or 16th - the stamp is not very clear, so it travelled not this long.
Anyway, it's an interesting story about this card: In 1914 a canadian Lt. Harry Colebourn purchased this bear. She was named Winnie after his hometown Winnipeg, Manitoba. Then the bear was moved to the London Zoo and her name was changed to Winnie the Pooh. A.A. Milne based his stories on this bear.
I had no idea about this story. Thank you Meg for the card!

Card with books from Lviv, Ukraine. It was written in ukrainian. I understand the language perfectly fine but to speak and to write it is another story. I was raised in eastern Ukraine where we studied ukranian in school but everyone was speaking russian, writing russian. So what left from my Ukranian is enough just for understanding.
Thank you Julia for the card!

A wonderful card of Table Mountain and Cape Town  below it. Thank you Nicholas for the swap!

this card was sent on august 19th 2013 and I got it just yesterday! Wow, it was traveling for so long, I wonder whether it just layed in some dusty corner in some post office and then suddenly was found and sent... Thank you Sherry for the map of California!


This card is from Germany, from an island in the northern part of the country. The girl wrote that she likes hearts so she decided to send one to me. Thank you Marie!

Great card from Finland! It's a card from a clothing shop located on a finnish farm. Thanks to Katri for this wonderful postcard!


This card is from my friend Lyuda from Russia. It shows a golden autumn in Minsk, Belarus. It's precious to me because you won't see an autumn like this in Israel and I miss all those colours now.


Card from China. It's written in Cinese with one sentence in english. Card is beautiful but the scan doesn't do it any justice...


My first card from Moldova! It shows Saharna men's Monastery (1776), Holy Trinity church (1821) and Holy Virgin Birth church (1863).
Thank you Nastia for the swap!



Books and everything about them are my passion so I was very happy to receive this card from Finland. Thank you Merja!

It often happens this way - one day you know nothing about certain artist and the next day you learn about him and see his works everywhere. This happened to me with Natalya Chetkova - I received her first card a few days ago and today I got a second one, also from Belarus. This artist has great works, loved them very much. Thank you Dasha for the card!



Such a lovely card from Belarus! Thank you Nadya for this one. On the card written that the artist is N. Chetkova. Never have seen her works but now will look it up.

Fashion cards are one my wishes in postcrossing. Today I got a card showing Karla Bruni's handbag collection. This is a great card though I'd wish there were a few larger images. Thank you Michael for the card!


I received this map card of Seoul from MiYeon. Thank you fro the map, it's my first map card from Korea. Maps are one of my main wishes so I was happy to receive this one.


This card shows the Main Market Square in Krakow, Poland. I've been to Krakow in 1999 and loved the city very much.
Thank you Lukasz for this swap!


Russia, Altai

This card shows a beautiful sunset in the Altai Mountains in Russia and it was sent from Barnaul, the capital of Altai Republic. Thank you Anna for the card!

I love drawings on the cards so I was happy to receive this scenic card from Japan. Unfortunately the sender didn't mention the name of an artist, she just said it was painted by a local artist. I love it, thank you Lim!


Cards from far away countries keep coming! Today I got a card from Western Australia showing wild flowers. Thank you Cody for this one.

Left: Donkey Orchids, Firewood Banksias
Centre: Kangaroo Paw
Right: Sturt's Desert Pea, Swan River Myrtle



This card shows St. Petersburg in Russia in 1913. Look how people dressed and there are no cars at the street. I love watching retro photos, imagining what a life looked like back then.
You can see a view of Yekaterininsky Canal from the Kazan Bridge towards the Church of the Savior on the Blood.
Thank you Anna for this great card!

Kiyoshi sent me this beautiful card showing Mt. Taisetsu on Hokkaido island, Japan.

New Zealand

New Zealand is such a rare country to get a card from! I'm happy to have this map card  in my collection, thanks to Aaron.


This awesome card comes from Thailand, shows classical Thai dancers. Thank you Jirat!


Today my mailbox was very happy - got 6 cards at once!
I'll start from 2 cards from Portugal, they came from Joao.

This one is from Porto, famous for its wine production. It shows the boat called Rabelo that was used to carry the wine barrels down the river.

This one is from Algarve, looks a very beautiful place:


Well, one more chance to this blog. It seems I open it every two years in October and decide it'll be great to update it again. Then I forget about this blog and stop posting. I'll try again, see for how long I can stick to it this time.

Private swap from Lena from Kazan, Russia