Sardinia, Italy

From Enrico, beautiful views of Sardinia, Italy.

Roger :)))

As you may know I'm a huge Roger Federer fan. So I was kind of dreaming about postcard with Roger but I didn't even knew if such postcards exsist. Imagine my happiness when I opened my mail box today and saw this: Thanks so much to Eduard from Switzerland!


Iguazu falls

These are Iguazu Falls in northeast Argentina, on the border with Brazil. I don't always love multiviews but this one is great, so bright and inviting to visit. Well, maybe some day I'll be able to go to Argentina... Thanks to Laura for the postcard!



Last week I've got 2 postcards with windmills in one day. First one is from the Netherlands and the second card is from Germany.


And one more american card came this week from Aarika (a fellow lab technician :)). It's a night view of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Love the reflection of the buildings in the water.

One more map card :)

Yay, another map card to my collection!This time it's a map of South Carolina. And it also has an Olympic stamp - snowboarder from 2010 Vancouver Winter Games. Thanks Toni for the swap!


This gorgeous sunset photo comes from Svetlogorsk - a town on the coast of the Baltic Sea in Russia's Kaliningrad Oblast. Thanks to Lika for the postcard. The stamps there are great too, all of them are related to sports - 3 from 2000 Sidney Olympic Games and one from 2010 Vancouver Games. So cool!